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Original title: Sobibor
Runtime: 110 min.
Production: Rosja/Niemcy/Litwa/Polska , 2018
Category: drama / history / war
Release Date: 11 May 2018

Directed by: Konstantin Chabieński
Cast: Konstantin Chabieński, Christopher Lambert, Michalina Olszańska

On October 14, 1943, a rebellion broke out in the death camp in Sobibór. The exhausted prisoners who attempted to escape faced 150 armed guards. After the bloody fight, nearly 300 people escaped from the camp. 69 lived to see the end of the war.
SOBIBÓR tells the story of the last weeks before the uprising and the rebellion itself. Aleksander Peczerski (Konstantin Chabieński) arrives at the camp, a lieutenant of the Soviet army captured on the Eastern Front. It quickly becomes clear that the only way to avoid a certain death is to escape from the camp. After an unsuccessful attempt by a small group of prisoners, one of the camp's commanders (Christopher Lambert) makes decisions - one of the others will be killed for each prisoner who tries to escape.
Peczerski is at the head of the conspiracy, the aim of which is to escape all prisoners. Maintaining the plan in secret turns out to be more difficult than it seemed, and Peczerski's attitude attracts more and more attention.

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Lider 26. May 2018, 0:13

Fajne kino.

Adam 17. May 2018, 14:02

Mocny, realistyczny film o ucieczce z obozu zagłady w Sobiborze. Dobra gra aktorska i sceny, które zapadają w pamięć. Polscy reżyserzy powinni tworzyć takie filmy -- tematów nie brakuje.

widz 10. May 2018, 8:04

kremlowska propaganda

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