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Corazon Ardiente

Directed by: Andres Garrigo

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Movie poster Najświętsze serce
Original title: Corazon Ardiente
Runtime: 85 min.
Production: Hiszpania , 2020
Category: drama
Release Date: 28 February 2020
Distribution: Rafael

Directed by: Andres Garrigo
Cast: Karyme Lozano, Ignacio Ysasi, Pablo Vina

The well-known writer Lupe Valdes is looking for inspiration for the book and comes across a mysterious story from years ago. He goes to France, a place of mysterious revelations, where in the glass casket lies the body of the visionary, untouched by time. Margaret Alacoque. 300 years ago, Jesus revealed his ... heart and gave 12 promises to people who would worship them.

The writer is fascinated by this story and undertakes a private investigation. During the meeting he meets saints, popes, but also conspirators, he discovers miracles and crimes. Along with the heroine, the viewer learns the sources and history of the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - a cult that has marked the last three centuries of the history of the Church like nothing else. He travels from a small French town where a spark of worship ignited, through the Vatican, where the Pope devotes all humanity and the world to the Sacred Heart, to Łagiewniki, where Jesus revealed how much love his heart is filled with. Finally reaches the places of Eucharistic miracles. It was there that the particles of the Sacred Heart materialized on the Host.
An intriguing feature-documentary film reveals to the viewer the essence of worship, without which understanding of the nature of faith in Christ becomes impossible.


The film goes to the cinemas during a special period. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the canonization of Saint. Małgorzata Maria Alacoque and the 100th anniversary of entrusting the fate of our homeland to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This took place on July 27, 1920 in Jasna Góra while Bolsheviks stood at the gates of Warsaw. In connection with this act of devotion, Pope Benedict XV sent a letter in which he wrote: "You could not do anything more appropriate to rectify the evil of our time, like succumbing to the papal encouragement, devote your homeland to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and spread his holy cult in the nation more and more" . Earlier, in 1899, Pope Leo XIII dedicated the whole of humanity to the Sacred Heart.

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Your comments

Teresa 22. July 2020, 13:50

Rewelacyjny film! Chciałabym go jeszcze obejrzeć kilka razy!

Krystyna 4. March 2020, 20:20

Byłam dzisiaj, bardzo wzruszający, szczególnie dla czciciela Serca Jezusa i Jego miłosierdzia. Pięknie zrobiony.

Jola 1. March 2020, 11:01

Pieknie zrobiony film. Ciekawy, wzruszajacy, zyciowy i mistyczny. Polecam kazdemu.

rysiek 20. February 2020, 19:30

byłem, widziałem. warstwa dokumentalna bardzo dobrze dobrana, warstwa fabularna niezgorszą :)

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