The Meg

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub

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Original title: The Meg
Runtime: 113 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Category: action / horror / sci-fi
Release Date: 24 August 2018
Distribution: Warner

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub
Cast: Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson

Five years earlier, a diving expert, Commander Jonas Taylor, encountered an unknown threat in the unexplored depths of the Marian Trench, which forced him to interrupt the mission and leave part of his crew. This tragic event led to his release from service in an atmosphere of scandal. But what ultimately ruined his career, his marriage and his tails of honor, was like an unsupported, unbelievable story about the cause of the catastrophe. Taylor claimed that his unit had attacked a gigantic, more than 20-meter creature, whose species was to die over a million years ago. However, when a damaged submarine sets up a damaged submarine with the former commander's wife among the crew members, he receives the telephone. Gaining the chance to restore a good name or taking on a suicide mission, Jonas must face his fears and risk his life and each crew member trapped in the depths, asking one question: Carcharodon Megalodon - the biggest sea predator ever existed, still alive ... and hunts for more victims?

Average rate: 6.0
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piasny 9. September 2018, 17:56

dobry podobał mi sie

edyta 2. September 2018, 16:39

genialny film..zresztą z tym aktorem to nie nowość... polecam na miłe spędzenie wieczoru we dwoje

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