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Original title: Manglehorn
Runtime: 97 min.
Production: USA , 2014
Category: drama
Release Date: 26 June 2015
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: David Gordon Green
Cast: Al Pacino, Chris Messina, Holly Hunter

Angelo Manglehorn (Al Pacino) never reconciled itself to losing the woman who was the love of his life. He lives alone, lost in memories, greater proximity sensing for your cat than to the people he meets every day. Years ago he brought to a small town where few residents know the secrets of his past. The only people with whom maintains sporadic contact, this busy careers son (Chris Messina) and was involved in shady deals former student (creator of "Spring Breakers" Harmony Korine).

Once a week Manglehorn celebrating your little ritual: visiting a local bank in which it operates intriguing woman (Academy Award winner for her role in "The Piano" Holly Hunter). A pair of loners establishes a common understanding, but when the distance between them begins to decrease, Manglehorn suddenly finds himself on an emotional crossroads. You will be forced to make a choice between a secure life in the shadow of the past and the unknown, which could bring each new day.

David Gordon Green, one of the best American directors of the younger generation, known for his chamber music videos distinctive imagination and sensitivity. This time the legendary actor was remembered for his roles in "The Godfather" and "Scent of a Woman", he managed to extract a moving and full of warmth creation, based on the nuances and details. "Manglehorn" is nothing late Leonard Cohen song, what is more, the voice of Al Pacino confusingly similar to a bass singer. This moving portrait of concealing feelings of a man who decided to give life another chance.

Manglehorn is one of the best roles of his career Al Pacino.

New movie with Al Pacino won the audience at the festival in Venice. The legendary actor gives here show their limitless possibilities.

Best of years, the role Pacino.

"Manglehorn" is a true movie (...). The title character is one of the most unusual roles in his career Pacino, while one of his best. You can not eyes off him. Talent director David Gordon Green has evolved in recent years, and "Manglehorn is the most ambitious painting in his career.

Text: Cinema Muranow

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Maria 1. July 2015, 6:12

Doskonały, Al Pacino czarował i czaruje nadal,
czekamy kolejne najnowsze filmy: "Humbling" "Idola"
Dzięki dla dystrybutora filmu: Gutek film

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