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Directed by: Pedro Almodovar

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Movie poster Julieta
Original title: Julieta
Runtime: 99 min.
Production: Hiszpania , 2016
Category: drama / romance
Release Date: 2 September 2016
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Pedro Almodovar
Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Michelle Jenner, Rossy de Palma

Presented in the main competition in Cannes "Julieta" Pedro Almodóvar is a great return of the Spanish master. In his new film director of "Talk to Her" and "Volver" returns to the reality that feels best: the world of women and their passions.

"Julieta" is a suspenseful story of a mother looking for her daughter, who many years ago had disappeared without a trace. The story of the extreme emotions we feel towards the next and secrets that we hide from them. A film adaptation of the stories highlighted the literary Nobel Prize Alice Munro shows that the strength of Almodóvar's cinema is invariably belief in the power of affection and love.

Passion, death and longing in the buzzing colors and patterns nutshell. Almodóvar what we know and love. (...) "Julieta" is a triumphant return. Attractive and well-tailored cinema on topics final, full of characteristic verve, imagination, vitality, somewhat eccentric. At the same time there is something fresh, "Julieta" is no longer hysterical, are drawing a thick line melodrama and racial drama. Anna Tatar, Onet.pl

text: Kino Muranów

Average rate: 7.0
rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0
13 votes. | Rate movie
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nomena 29. January 2017, 16:49

Złamana przez życie matka, łamie życie córki. Chciałoby się poprosić Almodovara by pokazał tą samą historię z punktu widzenia córki.
Wspaniałe zdjęcia.

Martucha 9. September 2016, 15:36

Wspanialy film o wielkich uczuciach o losie ktory zmienia zycie o 180 stopni, polecam

Ewa 6. September 2016, 22:12

Piękny film, polecam. Almodovar jest w świetnej formie

Ewa 6. September 2016, 22:10

piękny film, polecam

Nina 28. August 2016, 6:26

Strasznie nijaki film, dluzyzny, brak mu pazura, albo jakiego zaskakujacego zwrotu akcji, daleko mu do poprzednich Almodavara.

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