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Original title: Genesis 2.0
Runtime: 112 min.
Production: Szwajcaria/Chiny/Rosja/Korea Płd./USA , 2018
Category: documentary
Release Date: 14 December 2018
Distribution: Against Gravity

Directed by: Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev

Is it possible to revive a mammoth today? As every year in the far-away Nowosyberyjskie Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, a team of enthusiasts is looking for mammoth tusks in the permafrost. Among them is the hunter of fangs Peter Grigorjew and his brother Siemion, researcher and director of the Mamutek Museum in Yakutsk in Siberia. There is a gold rush in the air. The price of "white gold" has never been so high, especially on the luxury Chinese market. In addition, such finds are a magnet for technologically advanced pioneer geneticists and scientists who are balancing on the border of genetics and synthetic biology, dreaming of bringing back the extinct mammoth long ago. They want to clone it from frozen genetic material with almost intact DNA, which was obtained from the Siberian glacier.

The attempt to resurrect the mammoth is the first harbinger of a great technological revolution, as a result of which man will become the creator, the author of the new Genesis 2.0. Already today, with the help of the Chinese National Gene Bank, Westerners for 100,000 dollars are able to clone their dead dogs.

The latest film by Oscar-nominated director ("War Photographer", 2001) tells the secrets hidden in nature, the foundation of the creation of the world and the new role that a human being can play in this process. It not only examines the boundaries between science and myth but also the effects of taking control over evolution by man. And although this area of research is only at an early stage, its effects may change in a few years unrecognizable for us and the world around us.

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